Going Deeper Events

    • Re-discovering the Body: Meditation Day Workshop (Tejananda)

    Saturday 3 February 10.30am – 4.30pm

    On this day workshop we will re-discover our body and through somatic meditation, exploration and inquiry. This should open us up to three ‘levels’ of body experience – gross (our ordinary, apparent, experience), energetic and spacious. On that basis, we’ll go deeper into the nature of our experience, using the three laksanas – impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and insubstantiality – as guidelines.

  • In its current Western form, human culture is probably at its most dis-embodied ever. Buddhist practice starts – and continues – with ‘coming back’ to the body as what we really are, as distinct from our ideas about ourselves. Our views and beliefs about self and body are not only distorted, but the root of most of our stress and suffering (dukkha).
  • For anyone who knows the two main Triratna meditations.  Bring simple vegan or vegetarian lunch to share.

  • Going Deeper afternoons: Vision and Transformation (Maitrisiddhi)

Enjoying meditating, and want to deepen it?  Interested in exploring further Buddhist teachings?  Want to connect with others with a similar outlook and values to you?  Each afternoon will include meditation and exploration of practical Buddhist teachings.

9 Dec 2017          2.15 – 4.45pm   – monthly Saturday afternoons 

and in 2018:   13 Jan, 10 Feb, 10 Mar, 14 Apl, 12 May, 16 Jun  

7 July, 11 Aug, 8 Sept, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 15 Dec  

 You can come to the whole day, or just the afternoon. For those already familiar with the two meditations taught in Triratna. 

  • Sangha Monthly Saturday Lunch:

Come early (1.15) for the aternoon and have lunch with other Sangha members.  A good way to get to know folk a bit more.  Bring vegetarian/ vegan lunch to share (do keep this simple!!)