Welcome to West Wales Buddhist Group

Looking to transform your life? Become more grounded and compassionate in yourself? Better able to engage positively with the world?

New four session course starting in September: Awareness Clear and Radiant – open to all.

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The West Wales Buddhist Group is a growing, lively community of Buddhists, putting the Buddha’s practical but ancient wisdom into practice in our lives.  We attract people from across West Wales, including Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Aberdovey, Llanidloes and as far south as Narberth.

Come along for a creative and informal intro to meditation.  The two main forms of meditation we teach are the Mindfulness of Breathing (anapanasati) and the Cultivation of Loving-Kindness (metta bhavana): practices which enable us to become more whole-hearted, confident and energetic. No prior experience of meditation is required – just show up!  See our Open Events – All welcome!

For those who want to take their regular practice to the next level, take a look at our Going Deeper events.  They include an unled 40-minute meditation sit and deeper exploration of the Buddha’s singular vision of liberating ourselves from unsatisfactoriness and breaking through to the supreme bliss of nirvana. All are welcome though the inexperienced will find it useful to attend the Drop-in Meditation class first.

Attendance is without charge but donations are appreciated and enable us to continue offering meditation classes in future.

The group is run by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, who teach and practice a non-sectarian style of Buddhism suitable for people living in the contemporary Western world.

I would like this website to become bilingual English/Welsh.  Please get in touch if you would be happy to do some translation!