Welcome to West Wales Buddhist Group

Take a radical challenge – move towards realising your limitless potential.  Change yourself, and change society.

To help the world become a better place we need to become a bigger person. We need to train ourselves in becoming wiser, more courageous, creative, empathetic and committed.  

Coronovirus – Covid 19

In response to the Covid-19 management advice given on 16 March by the UK government, West Wales Buddhist Group activities are closing down for a period.  All events due to run between now and 1 August are cancelled. 

 Yet our practice of the Dharma is vital to resource and support ourselves and our communities through metta, mindfulness and compassionate connection during this uncertain and, for many, stressful time.  So….

Zoom Sangha Mondays 

6:45 – 8:30 pm

If you already come along to the group please contact us to hear about online events via email at westwalesbuddhistgroup@gmail.co.uk for further details.

Connect and get input online

Many larger centres as well as thebuddhistcentre.com will be offering online classes, meditations and urban retreats to help people stay connected both with their Dharma practice and the wider Sangha.

“I’ll be closely monitoring the situation to see whether we will be able to restart meetings in August, or whether further cancellations will be required.  I’m sure all of us would want to offer deepest well-wishing to everyone whose lives are being impacted by the new Coronavirus and the precautions against it, particularly those unwell or isolated.”  Maitrisiddhi

Learn to meditate or explore Buddhism: try our Open to All classes.

 The West Wales Buddhist Group is a growing, lively community of Buddhists, putting the Buddha’s practical but ancient wisdom into practice in our lives.  We attract people from across West Wales, including Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Aberdovey, Lampeter, mid Wales and as far south as Narberth.

For thousands of years people have found that the practices of Buddhism, including meditation, really do work, leading to better mental states, clearer vision, and more meaningful lives. But don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself.  Take a look at our Open Events – All welcome!

For those who want to take their practice to the next level, take a look at Going Deeper events to explore meditation and the Buddhist teachings more deeply.

All classes are run without charge but donations are appreciated.  We run our events on a generosity basis because if we want to change the world we need to think more in terms of contributing towards what we value, than consuming a bought experience.

We are part of an international movement, the Triratna Buddhist Community,  whose aim is to make the Buddha‘s teaching of personal liberation and social transformation available in the modern world.

I would like this website to become bilingual English/Welsh.  Please get in touch if you would be happy to do some translation!

West Wales Buddhist Group Safeguarding Policies and Ethical Guidelines

WWBG ethical guidelines

West Wales Triratna Safeguarding Adults Policy

West Wales Triratna Child Protection policy

West Wales Triratna Summary Safeguarding adults policy